Historical Treaties

Historical Treaties Resources and Bibliographies

  • Index to Multilateral Treaties
  • Multilateral Treaty Calendar
  • World Treaty Index
  • Index of British Treaties (1101-1968)
  • Treaty Index: 1776-1990 Consolidation
  • A Tentative List of Treaty Collections
  • Manual of Collections of Treaties and of Collections Relating to Treaties
  • Treaties, Treaty Collections and Documents on Foreign Affairs: From Sun King Suppilulima I to the Hague Peace Confernces of 1899 & 1907: An Annotated Bibliography
  • Catalogue of Treaties, 1814-1918

Treaty Sources

  • Consolidated Treaty Series
  • Collection of International Concessions and Related Instruments
  • Corps Universel Diplomatique du Droit des Gens
  • Nouveau Recueil de Traités: D’alliance, de Paix, de Tréve
  • Nouveau Recueil Général de Traits
  • Recueil des Traités de la France
  • British and Foreign State Papers
  • Hertslet’s Commercial Treaties
  • Treaties and Other International Agreements of the 1776-1949 (Bevans)
  • U.S. Statutes at Large,

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