Manuel Elementaire de Droit International Public

Manuel Elementaire de Droit International Public

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Paris: Arthur Rousseau. 1913

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This work, the popularity of which is evidenced by its having reached an eighth edition, is entirely elementary in character, and is, as it professes, intended especially for the use of students of law and candidates for diplomatic and consular careers. For this purpose it is admirably well designed. It seems to contain all of the elementary and essential facts with which the beginner in the study of international law ought to be made acquainted. Its purpose is not to elaborate or convince, but to inform. While we have no reason to question the general accuracy of the statements contained in it, yet some as to the United States and having relation to the form and operation of our government, are not precisely correct, the book not being brought thoroughly up to date as to our country.

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The American Journal of International Law,Vol. 8, No. 3 (Jul., 1914), p. 676Published

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