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Habana: Imprenta “El Siglo XX” de Aurelio Miranda. 1917

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This little brochure was prepared by the author for his doctorate degree in the University of Habana and is likely to prove useful for those who desire some information relative to the Cuban point of view of the pending war and of the steps leading up to the declaration of war by Cuba. The author finds Cuba in war with the German Government for two reasons, one referring to the law of nations, and the other to its international political situation, determined in this case by the bonds uniting it to the United States.

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He strongly dissents, however, from the position which he finds taken by the Cuban President, that there exists a veritable alliance between Cuba and the United States. The writer apparently takes satisfaction in the fact that Cuba, in making use of the right to declare war and peace, which belongs to all sovereign nations, has affirmed its international personality as an independent nation, while, because of its physical situation, with reference to the Panama Canal and the nations of the south, he believes that its military, commercial and political importance is bound to augment very rapidly.

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He looks forward to Cuba bringing forth all its forces on the termination of this war to the end that the nations of America and others of the world may be induced to maintain the neutrality of his country. As giving a glimpse, therefore, of the attitude of some Cubans, the work has its special value. JACKSON H. RALSTON.

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The American Journal of International Law,Vol. 12, No. 2 (Apr., 1918), pp. 442-444

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